dimanche 3 avril 2016

Hexagonal modular fantasy landscape

For a personnel animation project, I have noted that creating landscape for large scene is quite easy with softwares like Terragen, and when I need a close-up, I can model a very detailed place matching my requirements. But for medium-range shots, it's bit more difficult to have something matching my needs while being detailed enough for getting a good realist even if closing-up.
I so thought of mocking up hexagonal wargame landscapes, to get something modular for my animation project.
I turned out to work quite well. I have created six various tiles for now, but more will come (with paths, forests, and some specifics for the project.
Each hexagonal tile can be used with 3 to 6 different orientations, and has three to four different weight maps for driving vegetation instances.
I made the base tiles in Lightwave, the sculpted them in 3D-Coat, and after retopo, painting was done in Substance Painter.