dimanche 7 février 2016

Cybergladiators arena - Animation test

My futuristic gladiators arena won the second price of CGTrader virtual environment contest. To celebrate that, I decided to use it to create a scene inspired by a short sequence I had made 6 years ago.
In 2010, I used Quidam characters for the crowd and the robots. Robots were animated with motion capture files whereas the crowd was keyframes and instanced.
For this second try, I used my stadium, modeled in Lightwave and textured with Substance Designer, the same mocap for the robots, but these ones were retextured in Substance Painter.
For the crowd, I wanted to try Axyz an(i)ma crowd simulator. I used the free trial, in order to see if it could be interesting for a future purchase. The creation and import process into Lightwave was pretty straightforward thanks to An(i)ma collide and .MDD exporters. Composting was made in Motion 5.

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