samedi 26 octobre 2013

A tribute to Bertin's Aérotrain

I recently had to go to the west of France and I crossed the abandoned aerotrain railway. Jean Bertain's aerotrain was a fantastic dream and realization.
I have thus decided to imagine and model an aerotrain as it could have looked like today if it had been commercially exploited.
Here are the two first previews.

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Return of my free stuff !

I have found a way to share again some of my ancient free models.
These are some old but still usable models, and I do hope people will have a good usage for them.
These models are most of the time available as .OBJ, .LWO, or .FBX.
They were all modeled in Lightwave. For interchange, I would basically suggest using the .OBJ format first. 
Last but not least, these models are provided "as is". This said, if you experiment a huge difficulty with them, feel free to contact me.

Please note that these models stay my property : you can use them for both commercial or non-commercial renders but you can't in any way resell, redistribute or claim them as your own design.
If you use them, giving me credit for the model would be appreciated although not an obligation.

To download the models, please just follow the link below.

Fantasy Watchtower :
This model was created and textured in 3D-Coat. It has a very perfectible topology, but cans till be used for not too-close renders.
Normal maps may have to be applied manually.

Other free stuff will come later ! Stay tuned !