jeudi 28 mars 2013

Sci-fi corridors (4)

Thanks to the many tips I received from the Lightwave community, I have modified several details to get better results (withdrew speed bumps, and ground lights, added red dashes on the floor, and modified the blast door quite heavily.

I have also made some compositing tries in motion, for these corridors will be used in a short movie that I am preparing right now.
Original render

Added a color grade and some glow and contrast in Motion 

Night vision with animated noise in Motion - a bit dark, though. 
Original render, but with dots instead of dashes...

mardi 26 mars 2013

Sci-fi corridors (3)

Here is an update of my sci-fi corridors. I have withdrawn the speed bumps and replaced them with heavy blast doors.

samedi 23 mars 2013

vendredi 22 mars 2013

Sci-Fi Corridors

Here are some render tests of sci-fi corridors I've been working on in order to make a sci-fi short movie.

Sci_fi corridors
Sci-fi corridors with cross-section

Sci-fi corridors - anaglyph render

dimanche 17 mars 2013

Castle of Dourdan

I am in the process of reworking entirely a model I made years ago, of the very peculiar castle of Dourdan, built in 1220-1222 by king of France Philippe Auguste.
On the following pictures, only the keep and the stables are from the old model. Everything else has been remodeled from the ground up.