lundi 30 avril 2012

French Gardens

Who said I always start on pharaonic projects ? Anyway, I'm still eager to try and reproduce nice looking french gardens. These one are partly reproduced after Versailles gardens.
They may come in a pack for softwares like Vue in the end. I don't know yet.
Despite using massively instances, the scene still weighs more than 3 million polygons... all rendered in Lightwave, as usual.
Still hugely a work in progress, by the way. There are still lots of things to add (statues, fountains, flowers...)

vendredi 27 avril 2012

Medieval City Hall

This is a model I made recently and that I released on all my online shops. Great for populating medieval cities with other buildings than simple houses.

Overall polycount stays fairly low (17665 polygons). Textured with several 4096*4096 maps (diffuse and normal).
Texturing a Landscape with nodes and photographs in Lightwave

This is a tutorial I made some time ago. It was made in Lightwave 9.6, but is still valid in the latest versions. Comments are in French, but I think the images are self-explanatory.

Test of animated instances in Lightwave 11

This is a test I made a few weeks ago where instances are animated by a plane displaces with an animated sequence texture.
A new face for my website !

Hello to all. Having lost the time to maintain a full website, I have decided to transfer it to a more simple blog.
I will try to keep it updated, with my new models, my tutorials, but also my various animation tests, and regular pictures of my work-in-progress.

See you soon !